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POLAND is situated in central Europe. It`s territory area is 312.683km2. The length of the state border - 3538km (including the 524km long coastline of the Baltic sea). POLAND borders with Russia, Lithuania, White Russia and Ukraine on the east, the Czech Republic and Slovakia on the south and Germany on the west. Capital city of POLAND is Warsaw.

The highest point in POLAND is Rysy (2499m). There are several mountain chains in POLAND: the Tatra Mountains, Beskidy Mountains, Sudety Mountains. The major rivers include Wisla river (1047km) and Odra (854 km). In the northeast part of the country there is the Lake Land called Mazury with the largest Lake Sniardwy ( 113.8km2).

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ATPL Contest 2018

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IWI: 161AT/F005, 161AT/F007, 161AT/F012

IWI Activations 3 isls: on the lake of Wdzydze

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171AT/EU026, 211/161AT154, 27/161AT154

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161AT/ID 2017 trophy


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