161ATID2018 S.E.S.

  1. General information

    This contest is open for all AT and non AT operators.
    - Competitors are classify in two categories

    1. 161 AT/ID
    2. ID Hunters

    The best stations from each category will be awarded

    - Contest information
    First part - 3 Nov.2018 to 4 Nov.2018
    Second part - 10Nov.2018 to 11 Nov.2018
    Start 12.00 GMT Saturday, last call 12.00 GMT Sunday.
    AT contest frequency - 27,440 - 27,495 and 27,600- 27,800

    During next part of contest (10-11.11.2018)
    The same stations 161AT/IDxy can be worked.

    Manager Jurek 161 AT 035 (don't use call on an envelope)
    P.O.Box 5
    84-300 Lebork

    e-mail: indiadelta@interia.pl

    Only stations from Station List are valid as operators
    161 AT/ID XY
    X- number of radio regions , (except 161 AT/ID00)
    Y- personal number of station from region X e.g. 161AT/ID43 means: operator tansmits from region number 4, and his personal number is 3

    Station 161 AT/ID00 does not take part in contest . He will appear on the frequency from time to time, that's why bonus is so well.

  2. Points
    1 point - for each contact with 161AT/ID station.
    3 points - for each radio region
    5 points per each contacted special station (*)
    10 points - for contact with 161AT/ID00

    For stations from 161 div
    1 point - for each contact with AT or non-AT station
    3 points - for each confirmed division(see AT rules)
    5 points per each contacted special station (*)
    10 points per contact with leading station - 161AT/ID00

  3. Logs
    The Table of result must be included
    The final result will be calculated on base of your personal logs and table of results.
    Logs should be sent to 01.01.2019 Final result will be two months later.
    ID contest sponsoring by Polish AT's members.
    CONTRIBUTION not necessary!

Organizers: 161AT035 Jurek, 161AT029 Hania
List of 161AT-ID'2018 stations
161AT-ID00 161AT035 op. Jurek(*)
26/161AT-ID 161AT154 op. Maciek
161AT-ID24 161AT040 op. Ewa
161AT-ID29 161AT029 op. Hania(*)
161AT-ID61 161AT135 op. Sylwester
161AT-ID62 161AT154 op. Maciek
161AT-ID71 161AT024 op. Remek
161AT-ID74 161AT374 op. Rafał
161AT-ID84 161AT270 op. Tomasz
161AT-ID90 161AT034 op. Sławek(*)
161AT-ID91 161AT427 op. Bogdan
161AT-ID93 161AT032 op. Toni
161AT-ID94 161AT142 op. Marian
161AT-ID95 161AT057 op. Teresa
161AT-ID96 161AT064 op. Mietek
161AT-ID97 161AT104 op. Jarek
161AT-ID99 161AT119 op. Zibi

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